Dorian Winter

Human hermit


Lilith‘s father, an ancient mystic who made a deal with the outer planes years ago in exchange for regular human sacrifices. At some point Dorian’s conscience got the better of him and he began to truly feel the weight of all of the lives he’d ended to prolong his own. Worse still, he was left with the feeling that he’s squandered his many years not accomplishing much more than staving off death.

Soon after he stopped sacrificing his home was visited by a demonic butcher, collecting on his unpaid debt. Women of the village were taken, as was his own daughter.

Helpless to stop them Dorian watched as Lilith disappeared through the portal, never to see him again. He was then accosted by a strange woman who asked him questions that no one should have known to ask. Two short weeks later he passed away.

This was decades before the start of the campaign.

Dorian Winter

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