Jean-Paul Moreau

Human mercenary


Leader of a famous band of mercenaries from the Sunset Isles. Jean-Paul is charismatic, brave, and successful. His tactics are unorthodox, often involving placing himself and his men in tricky situations. However dangerous, his company have grown accustomed to his style and are willing to follow him into any situation, trusting that his quick thinking and wit will get them out of any jam.

The party’s confrontation with him involved one such situation, in which a detachment of his men joined the fray on the rooftops for a better vantage point and to help the nearly outmatched team. After the fray he attempted to talk to ZuZu, only to be quickly rebuffed by being told she was married. Unknown to her, he is gay and was merely trying to be polite.

Jean-Paul Moreau

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