Nathyn Cuthbert Ravencrest

Human knight


The youngest Ravencrest, and best friend of Nathaniel. Nathyn is an up and coming star in the royal knights, but has a problem with authority. To avoid a snag in the bureaucracy of the military he chose to join a travelling band of fellow knights whose job is to back up strategic points around the country. This allowed him the freedom to gain prestige without having a direct superior. It was also a decision pushed on him by his older brother, as the constant movement would mean he would be less likely to be set upon by enemy forces.

However, the band decided to test their metal and travel to the southwestern border, in the hopes of finding some real action. Their ambitions were rewarded, with the appearance of a dark knight standing in the middle of the road. Without provocation he let loose his blade and began to slay each opposing knight with ease.

Minutes later Tiel’s group arrived on the scene, all that Nathyn could believe before passing out is that his sister had come to his aide.

Nathyn Cuthbert Ravencrest

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