Tag: Ancient


  • Odennasius

    Lord Odennasius, the first kind of Oblivia, having founded the country upon being forced to retreat over the great river 'into oblivion'. For his faith he was rewarded with a large, easily defensible land for his people.

  • Juno

    Lady Juno, Favored of Azor'alq, was a woman from a foreign land who'd sworn loyalty to [[:odennasius | Odennasius]] and was among his most trusted vassals when he founded the land of Oblivia. Her statue always flanks his, with [[:william-scarlett | Sollux …

  • Lady Death

    The living embodiment of death, in a matter of speaking. She describes her job as 'ferrying the soles of the deceased to their true home'. Lady has been there for everyone who has died, until recently. [[:william-scarlett | Wil Scarlet]], using bizarre …

  • Dorian Winter

    [[:lilith-winter | Lilith]]'s father, an ancient mystic who made a deal with the outer planes years ago in exchange for regular human sacrifices. At some point Dorian's conscience got the better of him and he began to truly feel the weight of all of the …