Tag: Antagonist


  • Sigmund fon Nebula

    Self proclaimed king of goblins and master sorcerer. Revealed to be a member of the royal family by [[:garrik | Garrik]]. [[:ennostiel | Tiel's]] firearm appears to have originated from a place Sigmund has been in the past, and modified by him.

  • Petrice

    A gargoyle hired by unknown benefactors to kill [[:lucius-paullus | Lucius]], was allowed to go free by the party in exchange for as much information as she could give.

  • Goliath

    The gentle-spoken girallon butler of [[:gaius-messinius | Gaius]]. He was discovered in his younger years by his future master having been captured by slayers in the southern mountains. The future consul payed a small fortune for the creatures life, …

  • Gaius Messinius

    The ex-consul of Macedonia. Run out of town by the party in their investigation of the attempted assassination of [[:lucius-paullus | Lucius]].