Tag: Paullus Administration


  • Lucius Paullus

    The popularly elected new consul of Macedonia. Survived several attempts on his life, and through the party's help has taken his new position and is attempting to better his home city. As of the last visit he has tasked the city's paladins with doing …

  • Derrick

    A skilled mute assailant working as bodyguard to [[:lucius-paullus | Lucius]]. His young and unassuming appearance is deceiving, as underneath lies a hardened man who's willing to do anything to protect his master.

  • Louise

    [[:lucius-paullus | Lucius Paullus']] deaf maid. Rumours abound that she's having an affair with her boss since the new consul has taken office.

  • Agatha

    The kindly blind secretary of [[:lucius-paullus | Lucius]], a gossipy old lady who loves the sound of people's voices.