House of Ravencrest


A newer house of nobles. About three generations ago a wealthy merchant took it upon himself to design a crest for himself. Nate Ravencrest was a carefree man, looking to set his family up in the world. His children, Nathan and Natalie, were far more shrewd and calculating. Using their wealth they built up a contingent of well trained knights and offered their services to the crown. Their perceived patriotism allowed them ever increasing favor at court.

Today the family is handled by it’s matriarch, Natalyn Seraphina Ravencrest, the only daughter of Natalie. It is believed her uncle was poisoned so that Natalie could move forward with their prestigious name unhindered. Though it’s also believed that Natalyn is a child of incest, so grains of salt abound.

Whatever the truth the Ravencrest family is now one of the most powerful families in the country, boasting a high ranking knight and the court mage as members of their clan.

House of Ravencrest

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