The Story Until Now [Short]
A tale of intrigue.

The majority of the party’s accomplishments revolve around the elections in Macedonia. Successfully stopping an attempted assassination they moved into investigation. Their searching uncovered many motives, but the one they latched onto was the current administration running the city. After a few failed attempt, in which the fighter tried many unwise tactics to gather information, the party decided to confront the consul the following day. However, walking into a trap they ended up fighting his butler while he escaped the city.

Afterwards the party moved south, looking into more information, finding an odd man who took over a goblin colony. After the defeat of his guards the sorcerer fled the battle, leaving the party to loot his treasure and find a safe place for the remaining goblins.

Northward again after a few weeks of travel the party took part in a battle in the capitol, only to be set on a quest to discover the reason for the city’s attack.

The Story Until Now [Full]
A tale of intrigue.

Session 0
Month 7 Day 12 Year 293-326
Ennostiel is travelling the road, heading north, when she stumbled upon a group of aasimars who were investigated demon interference in the area. Not trusting the elf they convince her to prove herself by crossing a barrier they couldn’t and check on the nearby village.
She wandered the town, looking in on the houses and asking their residents about the state of affairs. They made her aware of the demon taking their neighbors into the church, and the monstrosities coming from inside. She also discovers the mayor of the village dead via what seemed to be a hell ball spell.
Wandering into the church Tiel found what appeared to be zombies at first glance, but she soon realized them to be flesh golems. She disabled the golems and made her way into the basement, fending off some imps she discovered a tiefling chained up in a side room. She recruits Lilith to help her in her quest.
Together the two battle the demon behind the events, a big one calling himself The Butcher. After the fight Lilith convinced Tiel to take her with her on her journey.

Session 1
Month 7 Day 15 Year
This is an awkward two sessions in which ZuZu is introduced to Tiel and Lilith by getting caught trying to pickpocket them. They also hired a traveling warrior called Wolf to help them, before heading into the new arena for a match. Teaming up with a hellbred named Noxaura they take on the arena challenge and come out victorious.

Session 2
Month 7 Day 16
Due to OOC issues Wolf and Noxaura leave the group by not showing up the next morning.
Stumbling upon her old teacher, Tiel is requested to look after the elections the next day and protect a rising star.
Month 7 Day 17
The next morning the group heads to the town forum to watch over the things, but are soon set upon by attacking dretches and gargoyles.
A fighter named Mekonnen steps up to help fight back the attackers, and they are able to kill most of them, incapacitating a dretch and gargoyle in the process. However, the man they’ve been sent to protect has many injuries.
The group questions the gargoyle about her motives, having found the simple minded dretch unable to answer their questions.
Having answers they let the gargoyle flee before the guards arrive, late.

Session 3
Month 7 Day 18
The next morning the group checks in at the office of Lucius Paullus, the rising star from yesterday. His eccentric helpers send them to his hospital room. Upon arriving ZuZu notices something unseen in the corner, which Mekonnen approaches and kicks.
The assassin jumps on Mekonnen and kills him, before engaging the group. After a tense but short confrontation with the assassin it’s revealed he tossed a box onto the bed before killing himself. Tiel took the box and leapt out the window before tossing it.
The box explodes, leaving behind a poisonous gas that disperses harmlessly.
Tiel headed off to find a guard to report the incident, but could only find a paladin named Rodrick, whom she sent to check up on Lucius.
Getting suspicious at the lack of guards Tiel headed off to search for one. Down the street she discovered a pair who were dealing with some ruffians who had apparently been trying to unload a pair of wagons.
Tiel got the attention of the guards which caused the rogues to try to slip away, only to get chased by the guards.
Curious, Tiel climbed into the wagon to check about, finding lots of odd objects in crates, but a very specific one she pocketed, a wyvern egg.
On her way back to the medical center she passed a shrine, beside which was sitting a shimmering spirit, Mekonnen. She grabbed him, noticing he turned opaque when clouds passed in front of the sun.
Back at the hospital Tiel learns of an evacuation that had been called for, seemingly before the attack of the assassin. Once back in the room before anything else could be said Mekonnen announced himself to the paladin of Pelor as a ghost and was promptly turned.
After asking Lucius some questions about his enemies in the city the group left him under the guard of Rodrick and set out.

Session 4
The group head out to investigate potential enemies of Lucius; the church, the consul, and the bank.
Their first stop is the church, where they discus events with cardinal Anton. He explains to them the various economic and political situations in the church, and how their attention was too divided to result in much collaborated efforts. He does, however, vow to find out what he can to free the church from suspicion.
Next on the list of destinations is the large bank in town. They enter the building run by a tense alliance of goblins and dwarves and talk to the dwarven teller D’ransten. Tiel smooth talks him into taking them to his office where they can ask him questions. Discussing the banks agenda he scoffs at the idea that they’d attempt an assassination over a trivial financial matter that would inconvenience them for a time so short humans wouldn’t even comprehend it. He notes their attention is more focused on the economic ramifications of war with nearby orcs.
After bidding D’ransten farewell they reunite with Mekonnen who’d remanifested and talked him into possessing his body, which they’d gotten magically preserved. He reluctantly did this.
Shortly after they took him to the city hall and requested he return to ghost form and do some recon for them. He obliges the group and makes his way inside, possessing a guard. Soon after he tried to clumsily break the consul’s door down only to be eaten by the horror that guarded the building.

Session 5 – 6
Walter, Gloria’s bodyguard, returned to dump the ghost of Mekonnen out of a bag of holding, saying the service was a gift from Gloria for them being good customers, but requested they keep him from doing anything stupid in future.
Mekonnen made his way back into the building, a pair of paladins having been called to investigate the gruesome murder of the guard. Slipping past them he made his way into the office of the consul, looking around and searching for evidence against him. In the corner he would find what he was looking for, under blankets he found a magic circle of sorts. As if reacting to his presence symbols along the edge of the circle activated and he touched one, putting him in contact with a chained up succubus through a small portal.
Mekonnen questioned the demon, seeing if she knew anything, which she didn’t. He promised to try and find a way to rescue her from her prison, which she found amusing. After the connection severed he pressed another symbol which caused the portal to open again.
Tiel, Lilith, and ZuZu got bored waiting outside and made their way into the building. They split up to check the wings of the building. Down her wing Tiel found an oddly clean nest of sorts in a closet, while ZuZu spot a wispy thing darting out of the corridor along the ceiling, which she followed. Soon after a scream would be heard that shatter all of the building’s windows.
Mekonnen’s second portal had screamed at him. Before he knew it a paladin was trying to bash his door down. When inside the paladin looked at the ghost man and was going to say something, when a wispy phantom-like thing pounced on him through the door.
ZuZu had run from the building, so only Tiel, Lilith and the junior paladin joined in trying to repel the phantom, though Mekonnen tried to possess it only to be knocked out.
The fight was fruitless however, as the phantom took the senior paladin and jumped out the window, over ZuZu and took off down the street.
She followed after it, as did the others who jumped out the window after them.
The phantom, looking feline –ish, ended up cornered, dropped it’s load and telepathically threatened ZuZu before jumping a fence and running off.
The younger paladin caught up, thanked the group of their assistance, before taking his partner and heading for the temple.
By the time they returned to the city hall it was surrounded by guards and they couldn’t re-enter. The girls regrouped with their ghost and headed for the inn.
Midsession adventure
Finding a notice in a book given to her by her teacher Tiel made her way out to try and solve a riddle. The solution being to pick up a torch at a nearby bakery. The owner of the shop came out to question her and lead her inside and into the underground lair of the twin guilds for thieves and mages. She was taken to the latter’s leader who interviewed her at length before accepting her into their ranks.

Session 7
Month 7 Day 19
The next morning the group found wanted posters describing their names poorly and their appearances even more so.
Their first stop for the day was to be the temple, but when they got there the young paladin was rushing out. He was on his way to the consul’s office for a talk, having heard rumors they he was making arrangements for a trip out of town. The group decided to tail him, aside from Mekonnen who was all for taking his side.
At the city hall they were taken inside, the girls keeping their distance. The consul took them to his office, bowing them inside before slamming the door behind them and ordering his servant to attack. The girallon brewing tea in the room begged their forgiveness before attacking.
The fight would rage, eventually collapsing the floor and allowing the girls to join the fight, before he was dropped, but not before he revealed the explosive mixture he was holding which blew up. Thankfully no one was seriously injured, though it was clear that the consul was guilty of something after such a display.
The group made sure that the paladin would talk to Lucius about stepping up into the position, before being made aware of the presence of Marty, ZuZu’s husband and information broker that they’d sent on an assignment about the demon that had started Tiel and Lilith’s journey. He presented them with the giant cleaver of the demon and they knowledge that he’d been dead for fifteen years, killed in a squabble. He then revealed that he’d done some poking around Lilith’s past and visited her village and he couldn’t even prove she existed except that she stood before him.
The group took this news and retreated to the inn, Tiel and Lilith stunned.

Session 8
The group decides to head south again to look into Marty’s claim, needed to know if it’s accurate.
Month 7 Day 21
Halfway there they passed through the village of Thyme that had recently been attacked by goblins. A middle aged woman offered them a reward if they could go after them and make sure their town hero who’d gone after them was okay.
A few hours of travel brought them to a cave with worg mounted goblins at the entrance. Mekonnen left his body and tried to talk to the charging goblins, though this didn’t work and lead to them trying to attack him. However, with some effort the group killed and/or repelled their attackers and their mounts.

Session 9
Heading into the cave they found some grunt goblins who were easily dispatched, and by noting which way a panicked goblin fled they assumed at the direction the garrison. Using this info they explored another tunnel, and Lilith who speaks goblin woke up a sleeping one and discussed with it for a bit, before it lead them down the passage and eventually to the prisoners.
The civilian goblins found them fascinating, and with some small threats to the guard they were able to set free the hero of Thyme, and a young magician named Penn. After making sure these two had their belongings back the group detoured back to the entrance and took the other path, the hero in the lead.
They entered the goblin’s throne room and after some words with the king, a human, they did battle with the sorcerous king and his elite bodyguards.
The battle had its ups and downs, injuries mounting high, but the hero’s arsenal of weapons and items proving very useful. When things started to go badly for the goblins two of their number produced what looked like ornate wants with metal tubes inlayed into them, which caused tremendous bangs as they caused armor piercing injuries to those hit by their attack.
It became clear who the winner would be, however, and the magical king abandoned his goblins to their fates. When but one was left, and had been disarmed the goblin surrendered.
With a sit on the thrown a button was depressed that lead them to the once king’s hoard. They took inventory of everything while a large portrait caught Lilith’s eye, a massive picture of a bloody battle. She pointed out the three figures near it’s center, a trio they recognized from the arena. Reaching out to touch it she started to get sucked into the portrait, Tiel grabbed her boot to help, but was pulled in as well.
ZuZu and Mekonnen didn’t think it a good idea to go in after them and tried to remove the painting from the wall, to no success.
Midsession adventure
Inside painting the two mages found themselves on a battlefield of slain soldiers and beast, the sky darker than any night but the area lit regardless. They started making their way to the corpse of a gloom dragon, treating the hulking mound of tombstone scaled flesh as a landmark.
Near it they found Noxaura, Garrick, and Loreya, batter and bruised, finishing a fight with a massive bebilith. The elf stepped out to greet them, and they soon found their way out of the painting. using a picture frame that was found inside the melting demon.

Session 10
Outside the painting Tiel and company discover the rest of the group discussing things with a magic doll revealing herself as an associate of Gloria, Renee. She offers identifying services as well as telling lore of items she recognizes.
The party returns with the goblins, talking the village of Thyme to take in the remaining goblins.
After a night in Thyme’s oddly nice magical inn the group travels south for Levior.
Noxaura’s half of the party splits off to re-examine a tower they hadn’t finished searching.
A day later dead soldiers are discovered on the road. Tiel finds a surviving one and uses polymorph to fly him straight for Levior, arriving at night.
The soldier is taken to the town healer, and the group looks about when morning comes around.
Month 7 Day 22
Wanting to check in where they can Tiel decided to check out the temple. They are stopped on the way in by a blind monk who tells them they are not prepared for what lies within. A fight is initiated, and the monk proceeds to best the group, leaving them to question their worth.
Going further into the temple they find a barrier that only Lilith seems to be able to pass upon which is disappears. In the inner sanctum an artifact is found. Tiel identifies it as a stone said to hold a sixth of the power of an ancient hero who helped wrest the world from the gods. Under her advice Lilith doesn’t touch the stone, instead picking it up with a towel and stowing it.
Once back in town the party splits, Mekonnen trying to find a lady to spend ‘quality time’ with and Lilith and Tiel looking for information on the former’s past. They discover news that indicates she’s decades out of time, and her father died many years ago. Lilith takes this hard and starts drinking.
Tiel heads off to the cemetery on her own, examining the graves. She uses magic to call upon her guild leader to request information that doesn’t seem available on the problem at hand. Then she calls upon her master for help, and upon he disappears only to return, cryptically saying that events seem to be as they are. With little convincing Tiel has her show him.
They travel into the past to the night that Lilith is kidnapped by the demon butcher, learning that she was taken as payment for some debt that her father owed. Tiel attempts to stop the events, but is restrained by the past and present versions of her master. After the events have transpired she breaks free and rushes for Dorian Winter, questioning about the debt he owed. He reveals a pact made for immortality that required sacrifice that he was no longer willing to make. The mage leaves him in disgust, returning to the present.
The party reconvenes and the girls retire for the night at the healer’s house, hoping that the knight they’d saved would be awake by morning.
Month 7 Day 23
When he awakes he confuses Tiel with his sister, the court mage. Leading to her requesting him write her a letter to see the matron of his house. He does so, with thanks.
Mekonnen finds a farmer’s daughter with low standards and bed her before asking her to leave with him. Classy.
Trying to locate the ‘elf and tiefling’ he ends up at the local tailor’s house, a husband and wife who match that description. Not wasting the opportunity he has a travel dress made for his new companion before regrouping.

Session 11
Month 7 Day 26
The group heads back north with all haste, stopping briefly in Thyme to make sure Lunk was okay. In Macedonia they visit in with Lucius, and at the inn for the night they are delivered a folder containing information about a possible crime that the consul would like them to investigate.
After dark they make their way to the apothecary and scout it out. Lilith heads inside, and isn’t heard from. Tiel looks inside, and not seeing much she decides to enter as well. Inside she finds an unconscious tiefling, and a rogue starts to attack her. A tussle ensues, Mekonnen blocking the door and helping fight as a figure in the corner picks a lock. The fight is taken to this figure, who attempts to flee when the tide of battle changes. Lilith awakes as she’s heading out the window and hits her with a dispel, knocking away an illusion and revealing a bushy haired dark skinned woman that Tiel recognizes. The woman teleports away.
Realizing she’d most likely messed up Tiel investigates the basement that the woman has picked the lock of. Inside she finds a crate of wyvern eggs with dragon eggs hidden among them. Realizing something is wrong, she takes as many of the eggs as she can. Sneaking out she heads to the guild house to turn in the eggs and apologize. She’s reprimanded, but rewarded for coming through.
In the meantime Mekonnen goes to collect the reward for helping with the store and sends guards. Investigating the basement and finding the eggs the shopkeep is taken into custody. Later that night Tiel is contacted to break him out of jail, which she does without a hitch.
Month 7 Day 27
The group continues north and east to the capital. A day or so to the north Lilith pulls Tiel and Mekonnen’s companion Leanne behind a tree. She starts to freak out.
Not far from their position a knight in black armor is fighting a group of soldiers. Not heeding Lilith’s cries for him to stay, Mekonnen attempts to join the fray. He, however, is cut down among the rest before the knight looks up the trail and starts to walk away.
Leanne inherits her to-be husband’s gear and money before he is given as much of a funeral as can be given on short notice. Despite him not being her favorite person Lilith weeps at his death.

Session 12
Month 8 Day 11
About two weeks later the pair arrive in Oden, Leanne deciding to use her newfound wealth to buy into the weapon and armorsmitthing business in As Novas. Her hope that she can stop more senseless deaths like her fiancé’s.
They wander the capital, taking in the sights, before arriving at the Ravencrest mansion. Showing the letter they are taken to Penelope Ravencrest, the aging matriarch of the family. With some convincing she gives them the direction to the court mage’s tower.
Inside the tower Tiel finds Nathaniel who points her up to the higher reaches which require teleportation to enter, which she does. Inside she’s confronted by a powerful mage who didn’t like being intruded upon.
Tiel tries to convince Natalia that they’re sisters, based on accrued evidence, however she’s convinced when the court mage uses a mind melding spell to force them to live out both mage’s lives before the other. An emotional reunion is had for a few minutes, before crunching is heard outside.
Rushing to the window a giant is seen clinging to wall. ZuZu is dumped out of a portal by Marty, able to warn Tiel of the attack that they can see has arrived. With a bang the tower is blown open, and the trio jump onto the roof to fight the invading demons flying over the walls as giants clinging to the walls using lightning to attack the citizens of the city while attempting to tear the walls down.
Lilith is knocked off the roof during the fight, Tiel sees her in the alley below. She’s unconscious with her leg sticking out at an odd angle, a warrior seemingly defending her.
A group of crossbowmen join the fray on the roof of the mansion, helping the group fight off ever worsening conditions. As the fighting heads further into town Tiel is able to get down to Lilith, ending up in a tense standoff with the knight who is guarding her to take in for questioning about the attack. Natalia arrived soon after, vouching for the tiefling and driving off the knight, who bore an odd similarity to the two mages, convincing Tiel he was their brother.

Session 13
Flares go up from the main keep, signaling those stationed to return to the castle. Natalia leads the group along, taking Lilith to get her leg mended after giving her a strong alcohol based potion for the pain.
Tiel and ZuZu are called before the king and requested to take on a secret mission to retrieve a precious artifact stolen by an Illithid during the attack. Lilith is returned with a mended and braced leg, and a Ravencrest knight is tasked with seeing them safely to the completion of their mission. Kalibak Karn joins the party.
On the way out of the city the party is detoured through an alley where they are ambushed by assassins. After a few rounds of exchanging blows the alley fills with smoke and sounds of conflict end with the smoke clearing and Arthur standing before them with a group of his own. He thanks them for keeping their attention so he could make short work of them, introducing his knew comrades and asking how the party has been. After exchanging pleasantries Arthur starts loading the unconscious bodies of the assassins onto a cart.
The group heads for the edge of town, heading to Gloria’s to get a wagon so Lilith doesn’t have to walk on a healing leg. Inside the shop Kalibak buys a wagon and a bison to pull it, while a drunken Lilith befriends a Unicorn that was inside shopping. They both attempt to buy each other, learning that the other isn’t for sale. The creature introduces itself as Daisy, and offers to join the group on their journey against the forces of darkness.

Session 14
Month 8 Day 13
The group makes it to Porte, before becoming disillusioned with the amount of time they would have travel looking for an underdark entrance where they last heard one might be, across the country. Splitting up to gather information it is learned that sightings of a small group of drow and vril are patrolling the area. Heading west the party have their eyes out, looking for any sign of their prey.
Month 8 Day 14
About seven hours outside Ad Novas they find their break, a wagon run off the road with no one around save for the dead pony. Daisy is convinced to track for them, leading the north and around the city.
As night begins to fall they find the camp of the denizens of the underdark. The knight alerts the foe to their presence with an offer to surrender. Seeing the elf among them the drow order their vril comrades to kill. A drawling voice calls from the center of the camp to be careful, two goblins tied up surrounded by small barrels.
The fight is short but brutal, two of the vril being convinced to run as things turn away from their favor. One of the drow is knocked unconscious, the other choosing to fall on her sword than be captured.
Untied the goblins offer their service as creators of black powder and other technical marvels, before the group heads into Ad Novas for the night.

Between Session
The elf and tiefling stow the drow in a bag of holding to sneak her into an inn room. Lilith suggests a high class inn, for the near guaranteed privacy unless they have to torture her.
The drow is tied to a chair and Tiel sits trying to convince information out of her, and uncovering a backstory suggesting that being a drow soldier isn’t the best of lives. She does however, discover reason to suggest they aren’t evil, simply misled.


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