The Story Until Now [Short]

A tale of intrigue.

The majority of the party’s accomplishments revolve around the elections in Macedonia. Successfully stopping an attempted assassination they moved into investigation. Their searching uncovered many motives, but the one they latched onto was the current administration running the city. After a few failed attempt, in which the fighter tried many unwise tactics to gather information, the party decided to confront the consul the following day. However, walking into a trap they ended up fighting his butler while he escaped the city.

Afterwards the party moved south, looking into more information, finding an odd man who took over a goblin colony. After the defeat of his guards the sorcerer fled the battle, leaving the party to loot his treasure and find a safe place for the remaining goblins.

Northward again after a few weeks of travel the party took part in a battle in the capitol, only to be set on a quest to discover the reason for the city’s attack.


ginclow ginclow

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