High elf witch


Race: High Elf, formerly half-elf
Physical Age: 110
Mental Age: 30
Eye Colour: Sapphire Blue
Hair: Spikey/messy, orange-auburn, medium length
Complexion: Fair, freckled
Height: Four-foot eight
Weight: 128 lbs.


Originally born as the half-elf, Nottu.

Ennostiel suffered a fatal accident during her training under her master. As a means of not only reviving her but also to educate her in her ego: Nottu was ‘reincarnated’ into the full-elf woman known as Ennostiel, or simly Tiel for short.

Tiel originally believed herself a wizard in training, but due to recent “slurs” against her and her abilities, she now refers to herself as a witch.

Ennostiel’s goal in life is, and has always been, to find the answers to who she is and why she had been abandoned as a child.

Ever since her revival, Tiel has had an aversion to Fire-based spells, preferring to rely on control spells, crippling magics, and even Sonic-based spells. Her intense training and high intellect makes her quite the strategist and tactician. As such, she relies on manipulating the battlefield to best suit the situation for her and her fellow combatants, letting her spells allow for her teammates to handle the dirty work.


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